About Us

About The Founder

Shonda Anthony

Shonda Anthony the founder of Single Mothers Matter, became a single mother in 2004 after her divorce. The mother of two children that were both diagnosed with sickle cell disease at birth, an inherited blood disorder, raising two children with a life altering illness provided first-hand experience of the enduring hardships that too many single mothers face every day. The lack of jobs that offer the flexibility for a mother having to spend nights in a hospital where limited. Consequently, losing her house, car and having to stay with friends and family is a chain of circumstance that was bound to repeat itself, without divine intervention.
This is only a snapshot of not just Shonda’s life but one that is a reality for the 9.6 million single mothers in our country today. However, this is the reason that Single Mothers Matter was created and the motivation and passion that drives her to help single mothers. Shonda understands that raising children in a two-parent household is a test, raising them as a single parent can be an exhausting effort without support. Consequently, Single Mothers Matter will support single mothers and their children with support groups, services, training and development to empower them to be able to live self-sustaining lives.

What we do?

Single Mothers Matter supports single mothers and their children by providing them with the tools that they need to thrive.  Our services include life skill classes via webinar, transportation to the grocery store, Furniture bank referral source and a support group.  Many of the mothers that we serve live below the poverty line.  Our organization empowers women to pursue their passions, purpose, entrepreneurship, and employment.  We will provide them and their children with the tools that will enable them to think and live differently.  It is our desire to dispel low level thinking.  We will help them to overcome fear insecurity, inadequate thinking and help them to understand that they can live a self-sustaining life of financial freedom that enables them to solely provide for them and their children.  The moment they recognize that there is limitless potential for them and their children and are aware of the tools in order to unleash that potential, we have accomplished our goal.  It is our desire to change lives for generations.

Our Values
  • Empowerment: Our desire is to empower every mother and child that we serve.  In addition, everyone connected to our organization, is empowered to fulfill the mission.
  • Love: We believe that love should be the foundation of the work that we do.  It is necessary to give ourselves whole-heartedly to the people that we serve so that they experience the purity of our generosity.  We will be patient, kind, and selfless to everyone that we serve and partner with.  We will not be prideful in our actions or envious of others.  We will not behave rudely and we will hope, believe, bear, and endure all things.
  • Community: We recognize that many individuals have a part to contribute to this great assignment.  It takes more than a village to help single mothers raise their children, what is required is everyone contributes.   We anticipate the feeling of fellowship as we share the common goal of empowering single parent families.
  • Growth : Supporting as many single-mothers and families as quickly as we can will always a priority for our organization.  It is our desire to implement our transitional home program in communities nationally in effort to ensure that no single mother is without support.
  • Integrity: We operate in integrity in everything that we do.   
  • Compassion: Our organization is based on Christian principles such as compassion and love. We will not discriminate against race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other discriminatory profiling.